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Neil Blomkamp's - Chappie Production

Having just completed Adam Sandler's African comedy, Blended and action packed Seal Team eight, Aardvark Gauteng once again has provided Body Double's for Dev Patel well known for Slumdog Millionaire and varies background extras.

Late December we had the honour of working with Monkey Films on a large budget international commercial set in the 1930's. Aardvark artistes loved the wardrobe on this production!

Aardvark Gauteng will be hosting our first registration day for 2014 on the 18th January.

JOIN UP NOW!Chappie Hip Hop Gangsters

12 January 2014
Written by: Steve Jordaan

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Aardvark Casting and Helen O,Grady Drama Academy sign up day

Aardvark Casting sign up day close to you

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