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Aardvark Lusaka's Dynamic Team

Born and bred in Zambia, Janet Irwin was bought up in the world of amateur theatre. Fostering a passion for both the theatre and the Zambian people, she took on the franchises for Helen O'Grady Drama Academy and Aardvark Casting Agency in Zambia to expose and develop the talent Zambia has to offer.

Janet has appointed the well-known, highly talented Onechi to run the agency. Being an actor, film writer and editor, he is well known to our people for his roles in our local film and television productions such as Love Games and several others. Onechi is one of the first Zambians to appear on American network television. With energy, endless talent and vision, he will no doubt be an immense asset as we see Zambia s first international casting agency take flight.Onechi Lwenje


11 September 2015
Written by: Janet Irwin

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