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Should I join an agency?

Bored with nothing to do?

Over the course of holidays and weekends our registrations go through the roof from new talent and would be actors who feeling a little bored with the mundane 9-5 decide to join a casting agency. But how much though has been given to the actual process required to being involved in a casting agency ?

When you say you are flexible - are you really? You may not be aware but most castings are very short notice and pretty much require you to drop everything and attend a casting almost immediately . Your boss may be very supportive of your dream but is he willing to let you go on a busy day when your schedule had been arranged weeks ago. Are you prepared to sit in an auditon sometimes for a couple of hours , pay for petrol and parking - or a train ticket or even a taxi fare and carry on doing this and not necessarily get the part? 

If you do get the audition and you are selected to go on the shoot - can you take time off to be part of it - contrary to what some people think all shoots do not happen on a weekend. Also attending wardrobe could require a visit to be sorted out and again take time off work.

It is crucial that from the outset that you understand in joining an agency your commitment is to attend castings and auditions and in signing the contract you will do so - but make sure if you are doing this in conjuction with another job that your boss and colleagues are happy to cover for you when that call actually comes. 










30 May 2017
Written by: Aardvark Staff Member

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